Will datacenters have to be self-sustaining and decarbonized in just a few years?

By nextc — In Blog — April 27, 2022



Yes, the program is going against the clock, although the industry is undertaking various practices on various fronts. Taking into account the increase in PPA contracts for photovoltaic parks that is taking place in more northern latitudes, the PUE is being reduced for more southern latitudes.

Not everything is freecooling in systems anymore #HVAC, heat recovery from different techniques is becoming commonplace, the three main factors for locating a #datacenter (power, connectivity, logistics) the heat-reuse factor is now added towards district-heating or synergies with industrial uses. These are discreet but solid steps within a panorama of expansive growth, which must seek ways to minimize PUE under scenarios of interaction with different end uses of proximity: this is placing the #datacenter large format as part of the solution #decarbonizer and not as part of the problem. 

In our country, large projects are already being announced #datacenter where heat recovery will be an obligatory step. Be #neutral in #carbon it will be so normal that in a few years it will not be mentioned: it is positive that we anticipate what is to come and in certain aspects position ourselves at the technological forefront in Europe. That is why NEXITIC, has always been committed to reducing the carbon footprint since its inception.